The Koren® suture anchor has a unique design in the shape of an arrow point with two side fins with inverted sections which:
- facilitate the insertion in the cortical zone,
- enable rapid and reliable locking of the anchor,
- ensure a good grip in the bone.

The Koren® suture anchor is made in PEEK-OPTIMA®, and is radio-transparent. The anchor is available in 2mm and 3mm sizes. It is provided with a non-resorbable suture thread in polyester.

The Koren® suture anchor is assembled on an ergonomic gripping device enabling insertion and locking in the bone. Each anchor can be installed without the use of a motor.

The Koren® suture anchor is indicated for use in the fixation of soft tissue to the bone, in association with appropriate post-operative immobilisation, especially in the following cases:

- Reinsertion of the biceps tendon
- Cubital and radial ligament reinsertion

- Repair /reconstruction of the Achilles tendon
- Lateral instability
- Median instability of the talus
- Reinsertion of tendons in the hind,
- mid and forefoot bones.

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Primary stability

Koren Details

The ogive shape enables the anchor to achieve cortical penetration easily.

The flat base of the Koren® suture anchor ensures sub-cortical retention and thus primary stability.

Side fins

Koren Details

The side wings of the Koren® suture anchor present two inverted, inclined planes which facilitate penetration and rotation of the anchor in the bone.

The elasticity of the PEEK material enables the fins to achieve cortical penetration more readily. The helical shape of the Koren® suture anchor enables a simple securing, locking action with a ¼ turn after impaction.


Koren Details

All the projecting edge zones in contact with the suture thread have been machined smooth:
- to reduce the risk of shearing of the suture thread;
- to facilitate insertion of a different suture thread, if needed.


The Koren® suture anchor is available with re-usable instrumentation.