Innovative Bone Synthesis


The I.B.S. snap-off screw is designed to meet the needs of surgeons in the fixation of Weil type osteotomies and more generally for the monocortical synthesis of short bones.

The I.B.S. ankle fixation is self-drilling. It can be installed with a guide wire.

It is available with a 2.2 and 2.7mm diameter. It is manufactured in titanium alloy Ti6AI4V and packaged in a sterile tube.

The design of the I.B.S. snap-off screw improves self-drilling characteristics and reduces risks of rupture below the head. Ease of use is thus improved.

The I.B.S. snap-off screws are available with the NeoSys® single use instrumentation.

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Design Optimization

Details I.B.S.

The tip is designed as a trochar so it can break easily the 1st cortical wall.

Screw thread profile has also been designed to get an optimized fixation performance and an easy insertion.

Snap off Line

Details I.B.S.

Optimized design of the snap off section beneath screw line to limit the risk of extensors irritation.

Barrel Length

Details I.B.S.

The 25mm barrel allows the snap off screw to be inserted with a power system.


The I.B.S. screw range is available with the NeoSys® single use instrumentation or with re-usable instrumentation.