The DuaFit® interphalangeal implant is made of PEEK-OPTIMA®. This material is recognised for its mechanical properties and radio-transparent qualities in numerous orthopaedic applications.

The DuaFit® is available in 4 sizes and 3 different angulations (17°, 10° and 0°).

The implants 0° are cannulated, which provides the surgeon the option to temporarily pin the corrected phalanx to the metatarsal.

Thanks to its design, the DuaFit® implant offers good primary stability in P1 while respecting the osseous stock in P2. The radio-transparent qualities of the PEEK-OPTIMA® allow an easy control of the healing progress.

The DuaFit® implant is indicated for the fixation of proximal interphalangeal joint arthrodesis in lateral rays.

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Duafit Details

PEEK-OPTIMA® is radio transparent. This enables the control of bone healing.

Proximal design

Duafit Details

The conical shape of the implant guarantees a cortical fixation at the phalanx isthmus (P1).

The implant section is identical for all 4 sizes, only the length differs from size to size.

Distal design

Duafit Details

Three blades on the distal aspect of the implant (P2) guarantee the primary fixation while respecting the osseous stock.

Gripping devices

Duafit Details

The design of the gripper allows a coaxial insertion of the implant in the phalanx.


The DuaFit® interphalangial implant is available with re-usable instrumentation.