The AC-TOE® interpositional button is an articular implant in ultrapolished Chrome-Cobalt (CrCo). Its unique anatomical design enables the restoration of an articular interface by a minimally invasive path. The AC-TOE® is intended to decompress the inter-articular space, to restore and ensure mobility while preserving bone capital.

The AC-TOE® is available in 3 sizes: 14, 16 and 18mm.

The AC-TOE®, with its design consisting of a multi-faceted phalangial face, with a profiled serrated and refined plantar base respecting the sesamoid ligament complex and a self-centering convex metatarsal face enable reproduction of articular mobility, while ensuring congruence in the progress of the step action.

AC-TOE® is indicated for use in the treatment of axial Hallux rigidus.

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Phalangial face

Ac Toe Details

The offcentred block means that the implant is stabilised while the dorsal lip locks the positioning of the implant under the cortical bone. The lip, combined with the articular facets leads to the locking of the implant with the progress of the step.

Metatarsal face

Ac Toe Details

The metatarsal head is centred on the convex surface of the AC-TOE® to ensure its congruence.

Plantar base

Ac Toe Details

Central notching and reduced plantar thickness minimise articular pressures.